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The Riverside Wage and Hour Attorney at Rupal Law offers representation for a range of employment cases, including pay disputes, overtime issues, and wage disputes

If an employer violates the rights of a worker regarding independent contractor status or employee status, rest break or meal periods, pay, or overtime, Wage and Hour Attorney Mandeep Rupal may be able to help.

To reach our employment law firm and schedule a free, comprehensive consultation, please dial (951) 460-0830. Our wage and hour lawyer will meet with you to answer questions and discuss the possibilities for your case. Mr. Rupal offers reliable guidance to gain clients the compensation they deserve for employer misconduct.Riverside Wage and Overtime Dispute Lawyers

Besides providing representation to plaintiff employees, our firm also offers employer defense for wage disputes. Because our firm is able to represent employers and employees in these types of cases, our clients gain from our insight on how both sides approach the matter.

At Rupal Law, we accept cases on contingency. We do not bill for attorney fees until we have secured a favorable verdict or settlement.

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Wage and Hour Lawyer Serving Riverside, CA

The law requires employers to compensate employees fairly for every hour worked. Mr. Rupal is a skilled employment attorney and pay dispute lawyer who advocates for the interests of employees in a variety of pay and wage disputes.

Overtime Dispute Lawyer

By law, workers must be compensated appropriately. Proper compensation will vary according to the hours worked in a day and the days worked in a week. When applicable, overtime is paid at a rate of one and a half times the regular wage, and double time is paid at twice the regular wage. If you believe an employer has not paid proper overtime wages, Overtime Dispute Attorney Rupal is ready to fight for justice to gain the pay you deserve.

Independent Contractor Misclassification Attorney

Workers who have been intentionally misclassified as an employee or independent contractor may qualify to collect additional compensation. Call our employee and independent contractor misclassification lawyer to learn more.

Meal and Rest Break Disputes Lawyer

In the event that an employer disrupts or fails to provide the proper rest periods or meal breaks, Rest Break Disputes Attorney and Meal Break Disputes Lawyer Rupal may be able to resolve the matter. Please call our office to discuss your case.

Call Riverside Wage and Hour Attorney Mandeep Rupal

The law sets clear directives regarding many aspects of employee compensation. If an employer fails to comply with the law regarding overtime, regular pay, tips, or other employment matters, call Employment Law Lawyer and Pay Dispute Attorney Mandeep Rupal to schedule a free consultation. Or reach out to us by submitting a completed case evaluation page.We are ready to assist you in fighting for the compensation to which you are entitled.

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