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Chino Hills Disability Discrimination Attorneys

As an experienced Chino Hills Employment Lawyer, Mandeep S. Rupal is a skilled Disability Discrimination Lawyer who fights for the rights of clients suffering unlawful, discriminatory treatment at work.

Are you aware that you are protected by federal and state laws that prohibit disability discrimination in a workplace? If you have a disability, or if your workplace has failed at making reasonable accommodations which allow you to complete your job, you may have the right to compensation for disability discrimination in the workplace. Call Disability Discrimination Attorney Rupal for a free consultation.

At Rupal Law, our full-service employment law firm provides legal representation to both plaintiff employees and employers in all employment law matters. We bring a comprehensive understanding of employment laws to each unique case, and we know how to achieve results.

Chino Hills Disability Discrimination Lawyer Rupal and associates handle employment law cases on contingency, and our clients do not pay lawyer fees until a favorable settlement or verdict has been obtained.

Call (951) 460-0830 for a complimentary consultation with an experienced Disability Discrimination Attorney and Disability Accommodation Lawyer.

Disability Discrimination Lawyer in Chino Hills

Chino Hills Disability Discrimination Attorneys at Rupal Law fight for the rights of disabled employees to a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. In addition to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (CFRA), your situation may involve other state and federal laws.Chino Hills Disability Discrimination Attorneys

Our experienced Disability Discrimination Lawyers protect the rights of current and potential workers who have a wide range of disabilities, including mental impairments, physical impairments, or any other permanent chronic condition which places substantial limits on an individual’s ability.

The law prohibits employers from engaging in any form of harassment, including dispersing negative remarks, mocking, or distributing demeaning materials concerning a worker’s disability.

Employers cannot terminate, deny or reduce compensation, or reduce the work hours of a disabled employee if the sole factor involves the disability.

Chino Hills Disability Discrimination Attorneys at Rupal Law provide a vigorous representation in matters involving an employer who denies rights to a disabled individual based upon the disability when others are not denied, including:

At Rupal Law, we believe disabled employees should not have to worry about losing income or benefits due to a disability which is beyond their control. Chino Hills Disability Discrimination Lawyer Rupal and associates fight for the rights of plaintiff employees who have been denied employment, compensation, and promotions, or who have been terminated because of a disability. Call our office to discuss your situation today!

Chino Hills Disability Accommodation Attorneys

The law mandates employers to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees in the workplace. As Disability Accommodation Lawyers, Mr. Rupal and associates bring legal action against employers who fail in meeting ADA mandates. These include:

Chino Hills Disability Accommodation Lawyers at Rupal Law are zealous legal advocates for employees who need reasonable workplace accommodations due to a disability.

Contact an Experienced Disability Discrimination Attorney

Call our knowledgeable Disability Discrimination Lawyers and Disability Accommodation Attorneys at (951) 460-0830 for a free consultation.

If you have suffered disability discrimination in the workplace, are the victim of harassment or prejudice, or if your employer has failed to reasonably accommodate your disability, contact our Chino Hills Disability Discrimination Lawyers by completing our Employment Law Case Evaluation Form. We will contact you to arrange a complimentary consultation.

You deserve justice, respect, and compensation. We are here to help!