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Chino Hills Pay and Overtime Dispute Lawyers | Rupal Law

Chino Hills Wage and Hour Attorney Mandeep Rupal is a dedicated Employment Law Lawyer who protects the rights of clients in all types of employment law matters, including disputes regarding wage laws and overtime violations.

If an employer has violated federal or state pay laws, call Rupal Law at (951) 460-0830 for a free confidential consultation. Our skilled Pay Dispute Attorneys and Overtime Dispute Lawyers will answer your questions and provide an honest evaluation of your employment law case. You may be entitled to compensation. Our Wage and Hour Lawyers in Chino Hills have the knowledge and skills to get results for you.

Rupal Law is a comprehensive Employment Law Firm that provides representation to both plaintiff employees and employers in any employment law matter. Our clients get the benefit of our unique perspective because we have an in-depth understanding of the ways the other side may prepare their case.

The law places strict deadlines on the length of time employees are allowed to make these claims. If you delay in filing an action against the employer, you may be permanently waiving your right to obtain monetary damages. Therefore, it is critical for you to contact a Wage and Hour Attorney who will work diligently to secure this compensation on your behalf.

Chino Hills Employment Law Attorney and Pay Dispute Lawyer Mandeep S. Rupal and associates handle employment law cases on contingency. Our clients do not pay attorney fees unless a judgment or settlement is secured on the client’s behalf.

Contact Chino Hills Wage and Hour Lawyers at Rupal Law by calling (951) 460-0830 to schedule your free consultation.

Wage and Overtime Violation Attorneys in Chino Hills

Workers in California are protected by state and federal laws mandating fair compensation for employees. Both the Fair Labor Standards Act and state law set forth strict guidelines which cover issues related to compensation. If you believe your pay has been affected by the illegal wage practices of your employer, contact a skilled Pay Dispute Attorney and Overtime Dispute Lawyer today.

Employees must be compensated for all hours worked. Chino Hills Employment Attorney Rupal and associates bring legal actions on behalf of clients in all wage and overtime disputes, including violations concerning the following issues:Underpaid woman at desk in Chino Hills working overtime.

The law sets forth wage guidelines under which non-exempt employees must be compensated. These employees are entitled to an overtime wage of time and a half when they have worked over 8 hours in one shift. This overtime rate of pay is in effect during the first 8 hours of the 7th consecutive work day. Employees must be paid double time for every hour worked over 12 hours in a shift, and each hour worked after the first 8 on the 7th day of consecutive work.

For individuals with non-traditional work schedules, such as those who work 40 hours during a 4-day work week, the overtime pay rate goes into effect only after they have completed more than 40 hours of work in one week.

Our Overtime Dispute Attorneys and Pay Dispute Lawyers represent employees in Chino Hills and throughout Southern California who have been denied the legal overtime rate and those who have had their overtime and regular wages withheld by an employer. Our Wage and Hour Attorneys have experience getting results in these cases.

In addition to compensating employees fairly and regularly, employers must also follow the law regarding pay after an employee quits or is terminated from the company. An employer is in violation of the law when and employee’s full amount of pay, including unused paid vacation hours, is not ready at the time of termination. If an employee voluntarily quits and does not give prior notice, the employer must give the check to the former employee within 3 days. When notice is provided prior to leaving a company, the employer must have the check ready for the employee on their last day of work. Failing to comply with these guidelines may result in the employer being fined for each day the pay is late, up to 30 days.

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If you believe your employer has violated the wage and overtime laws, please send the completed Employment Law Case Evaluation Form to our experienced Pay Dispute Attorneys and Wage Dispute Lawyers. We will contact you and arrange for a free consultation with our Chino Hills Employment Attorney.

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