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Chino Hills Employee Misclassification Lawyers

Employment Attorney Mandeep Rupal is a zealous legal advocate in employment law matters for clients who have been the victim of employee misclassification and independent contractor misclassification in Chino Hills and in communities throughout Southern California.

Chino Hills Employment Law Attorney and Employee Misclassification Attorney Rupal is extremely knowledgeable regarding local, state, and federal employment laws which protect employee’s rights and employer’s rights. By providing representation to both employees and employers, Mr. Rupal has an unparalleled depth of understanding which gives each case a competitive advantage. Call Rupal Law for a free consultation at (951) 460-0830.

If you believe your job has been misclassified, contact our office for legal assistance with the many legal issues which may arise from an improperly designated employment relationship. Contact experienced Employee Misclassification Lawyers and Independent Contractor Attorneys at Rupal Law for a comprehensive, free consultation.

Chino Hills Employment Lawyers at Rupal Law work hard at keeping clients successful in their respective industries because we know our clients are working hard. Employment misclassification cases are accepted on contingency, and our clients will not pay any legal fees unless a judgment or settlement is achieved. Call Rupal Law today to schedule a free consultation. You will discuss your situation with a seasoned Employment Law Attorney and learn the ways we can protect your rights.

Employee Misclassification Attorneys in Chino Hills

An employer may purposely misclassify employees in order to get around paying the legal rate of pay, overtime, insurance, workers compensation, and taxes.Chino Hills Employee Misclassification Lawyers

The following examples of employment misclassification are not uncommon:

An hourly worker (with non-exempt status) is improperly designated as exempt (salaried)


An individual who should be designated as an hourly employee is improperly hired with independent contractor status.

Employment Misclassification Attorneys and Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawyers at Rupal Law can help you determine if your employer stepped outside the law on this issue. The proper legal designation of a job is determined by using case law and the labor codes. In these matters, your job title and any paperwork you may have signed to affirm your job status regarding classification becomes irrelevant.

Non-Exempt, Hourly Employees

Sometimes, employers are financially motivated to break the law and misclassify a worker. For example, an hourly employee must be compensated for every hour of work. To comply with California law, this includes the appropriate overtime pay and the specified number of rest periods and meal breaks.

If you believe your job has been misclassified, our knowledgeable Employee Misclassification Attorneys will perform a thorough review of your duties while comparing your official employment status in order to determine if a misclassification is present.

Federal laws differ from California laws when defining non-exempt and exempt employees. Due to these differences, large companies with out-of-state offices may try to shield their misdeeds under the federal laws. However, in these cases, California law most often applies. Employers who violate misclassification laws face monetary damages and extensive fines.

Exempt, Salaried Employees

Employees who are paid with a salary are properly designated based upon their job duties and whether the job requires independent decisions. The following positions are commonly classified as exempt:

Individuals in exempt positions have a greater level of independence and responsibility. If you are classified as an exempt employee, and you are expected to consult a manager for approval or for additional direction needed to complete a job duty, your position may not be accurately classified.

Experienced Chino Hills Employment Law Lawyer Mandeep Rupal and associates at Rupal Law are prepared to analyze your employment circumstances to determine whether employee misclassification is a factor. Contact our office for a free consultation.

Independent Contractors

For independent contractors, the jobs are generally specialized and provided to at least two companies. Independent contractors are not included in traditional employee benefits, and the employer does not deduct taxes from their compensation. Instead, these workers are issued a 1099 each year.

Independent contractors are able to accept or refuse projects, and they determine when and where the work will be completed.

If you have reason to believe your job has been misclassified, contact our skilled Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawyers for assistance.

Call a Chino Hills Employee Misclassification Lawyer

Chino Hills Independent Contractor Misclassification Attorneys and Employee Misclassification Lawyers at Rupal Law protect the rights of misclassified employees to ensure they receive the compensation to which they are entitled under the law.

Has your employer misclassified your position? Contact our comprehensive Employment Law Firm by filling out the Rupal Law Employment Law Case Evaluation Form. Our skilled Employment Lawyers will review your information and arrange for a complimentary consultation. For immediate assistance, call (951) 460-0830.

At Rupal Law, we know how to obtain results because we understand how the other side will put together their case.