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Chino Hills Medicare Audit Defense Lawyer | Rupal Law

Chino Hills Medicare Audit Defense Attorney Mandeep S. Rupal is a seasoned negotiator and skilled litigator who aggressively represents healthcare providers in audits and claims of Medicare fraud matters.

Are you a doctor who has been accused of violating Medicare service provisions? Are you a healthcare provider who has been charged with overbilling or other violations of Medicare’s billing practices? Contact Rupal Law today. Our knowledgeable Medicare Audit Defense Lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of these cases and will fight for your rights against punitive actions by the government.

At Rupal Law, our comprehensive Employment Law Firm represents doctors, healthcare professionals, home health agencies, and any other healthcare professional engaged in actions related to an audit. Medicare Audit Defense Lawyer Rupal has a unique perspective of these cases which he gained by working in the medical field. He has an in-depth understanding of the medical regulations and rules involved in these cases.Chino Hills Medicare Audit Defense Lawyer

Contact Chino Hills Medicare Audit Defense Attorney Mandeep Rupal and associates at (951) 460-0830 to arrange for a free consultation today.

Medicare Audit Defense Attorney Representation in Chino Hills

As a healthcare provider, you may be facing a Medicare audit or allegation of fraud. These legal actions are complicated by the fact that each contractor, along with each auditing agency, conducts a different type of audit. Medicare Audit Defense Attorney Mandeep Rupal is experienced at handling these actions.

If you have previously faced an audit, and you have been presented with another, you may find the processes completely different. Each audit needs a customized, individualized approach. With extensive experience negotiating claims, Medicare Audit Defense Attorney Rupal has the skills and knowledge necessary to help you navigate any audit or fraud claim.

Whether you are involved in a Medicaid audit, a Medicare audit, a third-party payor audit, claim denials, or overpayment demand, Chino Hills Attorney Mandeep Rupal is prepared to present a solid defense to obtain an effective resolution in your case.

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Medicare Audit Defense Lawyer Mandeep Rupal serves clients in Chino Hills and throughout communities in Southern California. Call Rupal Law for skilled legal assistance with all Medicare audit matters at (951) 460-0830. Or, complete the online Employment Law Case Evaluation Form, and we will contact you to arrange for a free consultation.