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Chino Hills Employment Law Attorney Mandeep S. Rupal is a skilled PAGA Lawyer who represents employees and employers in legal actions under the Private Attorney General Act of 2004.

Are you an employee bringing a legal claim for labor violations committed by your employer? Are you an employer looking to defend your business and your reputation against labor claims under the PAGA Act? Employment Attorney Rupal provides a skilled prosecution for employees and an effective defense for employers engaged in PAGA actions.

At Rupal Law, our comprehensive Employment Law Firm represents both the plaintiff employee and the employer in employment law matters. Our clients benefit from our unique, in-depth perspective because we understand the ways the other side may bring their case.

Chino Hills PAGA Attorney Rupal and associates work diligently to achieve our clients’ legal goals.

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PAGA Attorney Representation in Chino Hills

In 2004, the California Legislature added the Private Attorney General Act to the California Labor Code. This legislation allows an individual to bring legal action for labor violations against an employer. The employee can bring this action for himself and other employees who have been affected by the labor code violations.

The employee plaintiff may be awarded civil penalties and fines if the violations are proven. When successful, these awards are split between the employees and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency. The law is very clear on the actions which must be taken by the employee in order for a PAGA action to succeed. The guidance of an experienced PAGA Attorney and Employment Lawyer is critical.

California Law identifies certain labor code violations that can be involved in a PAGA action. If you are considering making a claim under the Private Attorney General Act, please call PAGA Lawyer Mandeep Rupal for assistance.

If you are an employer who is facing a PAGA claim, contact PAGA Attorney and Employment Law Lawyer Mandeep Rupal immediately. We provide a vigorous PAGA defense for employers in these situations. We understand the devastating effect this can have on a small business, and we are prepared to fight zealously to get results for you.

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PAGA Lawyer Mandeep Rupal is a seasoned litigator and skilled negotiator who has experience in many types of employment law matters.

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