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Chino Hills Severance Negotiation Lawyers

Chino Hills Severance Attorney Mandeep Rupal is an experienced Employment Law Lawyer who provides skilled legal representation in all employment law matters, including situations involving severance negotiations.

If you are in the process of being terminated or laid off from your job, you may have many sudden and new worries, especially if you have been secure in your job for years. As a seasoned Employment Attorney and Severance Negotiation Lawyer, Mr. Rupal is a strong legal advocate who will negotiate with your employer on your behalf to ensure that you receive all of the options to which you are entitled.

Chino Hills Employment Law Attorney and Severance Attorney Rupal and associates will perform a comprehensive review of your circumstances because you may have additional legal recourse if your termination involved employer retaliation or discrimination.

At Rupal Law, our comprehensive Employment Law Firm represents both the plaintiff employee and the employer in employment law matters. Our clients benefit from our unique, in-depth perspective because we understand the ways the other side may bring their case.

Call Chino Hills Severance Negotiation Attorney and Employment Lawyer Rupal and associates at (951) 460-0830 and arrange for your free consultation.

Severance Agreements in Chino Hills

If you’ve been involuntarily terminated, your employer may have asked you to sign a severance agreement. Before you sign this agreement, it is critical for you to have your situation reviewed by a skilled Severance Attorney and Employment Lawyer. When you sign this agreement, you will be legally bound by the terms which include those preventing you from bringing legal action against the employer. At Rupal Law, our Severance Lawyers are prepared to examine your situation to determine whether additional legal claims are viable.

Chino Hills Severance Negotiation Attorney Mandeep Rupal and associates protect clients’ best interests by aggressively negotiating in order to make changes to the severance agreement. We work diligently to examine the severance agreement to identify areas which must be carefully considered before the agreement is signed.

The following are commonly addressed in severance agreements:Chino Hills Severance Negotiation Lawyers

At Rupal Law, our Severance Lawyers and Employment Law Attorneys in Chino Hills explain each item of the severance agreement to clients, making sure the ramifications of the document is understood. In this way, our clients are prepared to make informed decisions which will impact their future.

If you have been offered a severance package, we advise that you not delay before submitting it for review from a qualified Severance Negotiation Lawyer and Employment Law Attorney. Employers generally place a strict deadline on these items.

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If you’ve been involuntarily terminated, our Severance Negotiation Lawyers and Chino Hills Employment Attorneys will keep your best interests as the top priority as we help you navigate the legal process surrounding your separation from an employer.

Contact our Severance Negotiation Attorneys and Employment Attorneys to review, contest, and negotiate your severance package. Rupal Law is a comprehensive employment law firm, and we are prepared to handle any other legal actions which may arise in your case.

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