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Meal Break and Rest Break Attorneys | Rupal Law

Chino Hills Employment Lawyer Mandeep S. Rupal is a strong legal advocate for clients involved in employment disputes throughout Southern California, including matters where employers have denied an employee the legally required rest periods and meal breaks.

Does your employer ask you to eat lunch at your desk so that you can answer the phone if it rings? Has your employer refused to allow you to take the appropriate rest breaks during your shift? Your employer may have violated the law by denying employees the legally mandated break and meal periods. Call our Rest Break Attorneys and Meal Break Lawyers today. You may be entitled to financial compensation for each meal and rest period that was denied.

At Rupal Law, our Employment Attorneys in Chino Hills offer representation to both plaintiff employees and employers in employment law cases. Because we bring a deep understanding and a unique perspective to each side, our clients benefit from a competitive advantage.

Chino Hills Meal Break Attorney and Rest Break Lawyer Rupal and associates handle employment law cases on contingency, and clients are not asked to pay the lawyer’s fees until a financial award is secured on the client’s behalf.

Contact Chino Hills Employment Law Attorneys at Rupal Law to schedule your free consultation. Our Meal Break and Rest Break Lawyers review your situation, offer an honest analysis of your case, and provide options for the best course of action.

Chino Hills Meal Break Attorney

The California Labor Code sets forth complicated guidelines which employers must follow when scheduling meal periods for employees. As a knowledgeable Employment Lawyer and Meal Break Attorney, Mr. Rupal will fight for your rights inside and outside of the courtroom if your employer has violated the law.Chino Hills Meal Break and Rest Break Attorneys

In California, non-exempt employees who have a shift lasting longer than 5 hours must take a 30-minute meal break. When an employee works over 10 hours in a shift, the employee must be given 2 meal breaks. In order to qualify as a legal meal period, the employee must not be expected to perform any work duties. The meal period must also be taken continuously. Therefore, if your employer has required you to take half of your lunch early in the day while taking the other half later in the day, your employer has violated your rights.

If your employer has asked that you remain at your workstation during your meal break, you may be able to recover compensation for these missed meal periods. This is true even in situations where no work was performed.

Whether your workplace is in Chino Hills or in another Southern California community, contact Meal Break Lawyer and Employment Law Attorney Mandeep Rupal and associates for clarification of meal break laws.

Rest Break Lawyer in Chino Hills

Employers must allow the proper rest breaks for employees based upon the hours worked in a shift. Call our knowledgeable Rest Break Attorneys and Chino Hills Employment Law Lawyers for a free consultation if you believe your employer has denied you this legal right.

The law defines a rest break as 10 minutes of continuous time during which an employee is relieved of all work duties. Rest breaks are paid time periods.

Employees in California who work a 3.5 hour to 6.5 hour shift are entitled to take one rest period. When an employee works over 6.5 hours, an employer must allow two rest breaks. When a shift exceeds 10 hours, the employee must take three rest breaks. If an employee works 14 hours, the employee must be allowed to take 4 rest periods.

If your employer has denied you the opportunity to take the appropriate rest periods, contact our Rest Break Lawyers and Employment Law Attorneys in Chino Hills for assistance. We can bring legal action for compensation that is due to you. Employers who violate California’s rest break laws must pay the employee one additional hour of pay for each day that a rest period was denied.

Call a Chino Hills Meal Break Attorney and Rest Period Lawyer Today

If you believe that your employer has unlawfully denied you the appropriate rest breaks and meal periods, contact Rupal Law and discuss your concerns with our Meal Break Lawyers and Rest Break Attorneys. At our full-service employment law firm, we handle all types of employment law matters.

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