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Eastvale Wage and Hour Lawyer from Rupal Law

The Eastvale Wage and Hour attorney from Rupal Law is able to assist clients with many types of employment law problems. Call Attorney Mandeep Rupal for help with pay disputes and other issues between an employee and employer.

If you have an issue regarding employee or independent contractor misclassification, rest and meal breaks, or wages and overtime, call our law firm for a complimentary consultation. Eastvale Wage and Hour Attorney Rupal will answer questions and create an effective strategy for gaining justice and proper compensation.

Contact Rupal Law at (951) 460-0830 for reliable plaintiff employee representation. Mr. Rupal is also an employer defense attorney for wage disputes. His experience assisting both sides enables him to provide insightful guidance to employers and employees. Because we work on contingency, there are no attorney fees until the case has been successfully resolved.

Wage and Hour Attorney for Eastvale, CAEastvale Wage and Hour Dispute Attorney

Employers are required to pay each employee for every hour they have worked. As a knowledgeable employment lawyer and pay dispute attorney, Mr. Rupal fights for employee rights in the full range of employment law cases.

Meal and Rest Break Disputes Attorney

If an employer has not provided the required breaks to an employee, call our rest break disputes lawyer. Rest breaks and meal breaks must be provided according to the proper schedule, and they must be uninterrupted. Schedule a consultation with Meal Break Disputes Attorney Rupal to learn more.

Overtime Dispute Attorney

The law states that employees are to be paid wages accurately and on time. Compensation for overtime and double time is governed by strict legal mandates. Overtime is 1.5 times the normal wage. Double time is twice the normal wage. If you are experiencing issues with an employer regarding the payment of wages or overtime, call our firm. Our skilled overtime dispute lawyer can fight to gain compensation in your behalf.

Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawyer

It is against the law for an employer to intentionally misclassify an employee or an independent worker. Some employers do this in an attempt to avoid paying benefits, taxes, or other associated expenses. If you have questions, call Independent Contractor Misclassification Attorney Mandeep Rupal.

Call our Eastvale Wage and Hour Lawyer

If your employer is not following the legal requirements regarding workers’ rights, pay, breaks, or other items, call the employment law attorney and pay dispute lawyer at Rupal Law. We offer a free consultation to answer questions and discuss the case. We can also be contacted through submission of our online contact form. Eastvale Attorney Rupal is ready to provide reliable representation and fight for your rights.