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Riverside Workplace Discrimination Lawyer | Rupal Law

The Riverside Workplace Discrimination Attorney at Rupal Law works to protect the rights of workers who have experienced discrimination. If you have been the target of workplace discrimination, or if an employer has taken retaliatory actions against you for exercising a protected right, please contact Riverside Workplace Discrimination Attorney Mandeep Rupal. Workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and disability discrimination are illegal. Our law firm works to gain justice and proper financial compensation in such cases.

Mr. Rupal has extensive experience representing both sides of discrimination cases. His comprehensive perspective as an employment lawyer brings a competitive edge to each case, since he is better aware of how the other side may be approaching the dispute. Riverside Attorney Rupal uses his knowledge of the opposing side’s tactics to advance client interests.

Call our workplace discrimination law firm at (951) 460-0830 to review your case with Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal. We handle employment law matters without charging attorney fees until after gaining a favorable verdict or settlement.

Workplace Discrimination Attorney for Riverside, CA

There are laws prohibiting many specific forms of workplace discrimination. Riverside Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Rupal provides strong representation to individuals who have been discriminated against or harassed in violation of federal, state, or local law. Discrimination based on the following factors and others is specifically prohibited:Riverside Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Workplace sexual harassment can take place by various means. A male or female can be the perpetrator or the victim. Some types of sexual harassment are listed below:

Our sexual harassment attorney guides clients in such cases and takes steps to gain justice in their behalf.

Disability Discrimination Lawyer

Our Riverside disability discrimination attorney fights to protect the rights of disabled clients who have been discriminated against by an employer. Legislation such as California’s Fair Employment & Housing Act as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act direct how employees who are disabled must be treated:

Call Riverside Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal

Has an employer taken unlawful actions against you? If so, please contact Employment Attorney and Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal. We are available at (951) 460-0830 or through our online contact form. We will review your information and contact you to set an appointment for a free consultation with Riverside Disability Discrimination Lawyer Rupal.

Rupal Law is dedicated to protecting client rights and obtaining positive results.