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Riverside Wrongful Termination Lawyer at Rupal Law

The Riverside Wrongful Termination Attorney at Rupal Law is a skilled employment attorney who provides representation to workers who have been dismissed from their position unlawfully.

If you have reason to suspect your employer acted in an illegal manner when you were let go from employment, contact Wrongful Termination Lawyer and Employment Law Attorney Mandeep Rupal. At our law firm, we understand that legal disputes regarding employment can disrupt a person’s finances and family. We fight to preserve your rights and gain justice in a timely manner.

Call Employment Lawyer Mandeep Rupal to schedule a complimentary consultation and gain a thorough assessment of your case. He will provide answers to questions and discuss the legality or illegality of your termination. If it is determined that an employer has acted in an unlawful manner, our employment law firm is prepared to pursue the case and work to gain the highest possible monetary compensation.

Having extensive experience in employment law cases, Riverside Wrongful Termination Attorney Mandeep Rupal is able to offer reliable counsel to plaintiff employees and strong employer defense representation to employers. His holistic perspective benefits all clients because he knows how each side handles such cases.

Please call (951) 460-0830 to learn how we can help with your specific employment dispute. Our Riverside wrongful termination lawyer accepts employment law cases on contingency, only charging attorney fees once a favorable verdict or settlement has been reached.

Wrongful Termination Attorney for Riverside, CARiverside Wrongful Termination Attorneys at Rupal Law

In California, the law protects employees from unlawful termination. Due to the “at-will” status that the state of California has adopted, an employer can legally terminate employment without cause. Employers do not have to provide a reason for laying off or firing an individual. However, there are still laws regarding the termination of employment that must be followed. To learn more and discuss whether your employer has broken the law, call Riverside Wrongful Termination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal. He works to safeguard the rights of women and men who have been illegally let go from work.

If an employer has broken the law regarding the firing or laying off of a worker, there could be grounds for legal action. The worker may be able to collect financial compensation. Employers are prohibited from retaliating or discriminating against a worker or otherwise violating whistleblower laws. If you have experienced any of the situations below, you may have an unlawful termination case:

Often, a wrongful termination case also involves other illegal actions the employer has taken. Riverside Wrongful Termination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal is able to represent all kinds of employment law violations. This includes wage and hour problems as well as workplace discrimination cases.

Consult with our Riverside Wrongful Termination Attorney

The loss of a job can be upsetting and frustrating. If the termination of your employment may have involved illegal actions by an employer, please call our firm. Our wrongful termination attorney is able to discuss the circumstances of your job loss and answer questions. We find that because our firm handles cases for both sides of these disputes, our clients have a competitive edge.

To contact Employment Law Lawyer and Wrongful Termination Lawyer Rupal, call (951) 460-0830 or use our online form.